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In today’s dazzling array of fighting Vying for Yan of the range hood market


In the delight I can easily find, although many products to satisfy their aesthetic needs, but can not meet their most basic function of the range hood needs — exclude


Smoke, reduce kitchen pollution.


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Order to meet market trends and consumer products, basic needs, cherry business groups brought together nearly 30 years WeiChu expertise, Sakura, “Central Research Institute” special joint professional industrial design firm, took more than three years After careful research and development after years of careful research, and finally the recent successful launch of the SCR-3679G Chinese style range hood.


SCR-3679G Chinese style range hood has a simple elegance in the appearance of the premise, not only brings together the revolutionary technology of net diversion smoke-free washable technology, as well as cherry blossoms through painstaking research, learn from the world’s most advanced aerodynamics technology, and many intimate details of the composition by the extraordinary craft, excellent interpretation of a range hood for nearly 30 years apart and washed free



A, set deep cabinet and the advantages of European-style range hood in one, both to meet consumer of fashion, classic look to pursue, it can help solve China’s consumer hot oil for stir, cooking over high flame smoke habit fumes of smoke generated a lot of problems.

B, through the introduction of aviation science and technology to the air fluid dynamics simulation of STAR-



Application, the smoke chamber to the top with the best fit R79.2 and R40.0 arc combination, successful design techniques similar to 0 resistance and easy clean set of diversion smoke cavity, with precision guided the flow of smoke, stop smoke across the turbulence generation, revolutionary enhance soot absorption efficiency.

C, the smoke chamber by the introduction of the domestic high-quality


For one temperature

High pressure

Repression, and therefore no seams, no corners, so that smoke seamless to hide.

D, two-axial force


, Double the wind stomach, Double Entry


Dual structure of the oil cup design, with

Co-lasting oil free of charge network


To smoke no escape, really achieve free washable.

E, another texture of this product is also high, wide viewing angle of STN-


Touch screen control interface, at a glance, and the hood is more beautiful after the whole package, the overall feeling stronger.

Adhering to the “oil free of charge sent to the home network of permanent, washable genuine free” permanent commitment, I believe that regardless of the hand for cooking, or enjoy your eyes, cherry SCR-3679G Chinese range hoods are rated among the impeccable perfect classic.

After purchase of course never forget the “network of response cards free of charge,” complete accounting screen Ze); Buddha himself Metaplexis stauntoni? Net win the spade access; ü? Actually forlorn fermentation? Embarrassed? Armed Qiang Soul? Member of Hong Fan D ? Metaplexis stauntoni Sapporo indicating that extensively access; Pa Tun? false charge sister stole rural partnership castration-resistant ZAN avaricious barium shake? Chi?

(For more information see link: http://www.sakura.com.cn/web/ad1/index.htm

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